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Political Prisoner PDF Download by Paul Manafort

Political Prisoner book pdf download for free or read online, also Political Prisoner pdf was written by Paul Manafort. Political Prisoner PDF Book Detail Book Name:  Political Prisoner Author:  Paul Manafort Publish date:  16 August 2022 Pages:  384 Genre:  Politics Language:  English Filetype: PDF Political Prisoner Book PDF Summary In the battle against Donald Trump, propaganda was the principal weapon used by the government-corporate-media Establishment. Democrat Party leadership has routinely disseminated accusations from anonymous sources, promoted them by a partisan media, and finally debunked them when the facts became apparent. Nevertheless, the truth had already been revealed by the time it became public. There had already been casualties. Paul Manafort was one of the most prominent casualties. Democratic leaders and Establishment allies worked together with foreign operatives in order to fabricate a completely false narrative about Paul’s supposed conspiracies with pro-Russ

What is Share Market | Share Market Explained


What is Share Market | Share Market Explained

Hello friends, in this article we will talk about the share market. What is the share market? Why is it in place? How does it work? What are its advantages and disadvantages? And how you can invest money in it.

What is Share Market

Let us talk more about share markets in this article. The stock market, share market, or equity market- all three mean the same. These are markets where you can buy or sell a company's shares. Buying shares of a company means buying some percentage of ownership of that company. That is, you become the holder of a percentage of that company. If that company makes a profit, some percentage of that profit would also be given to you. If that company incurs a loss, a percentage of that loss would also be borne by you.

History of Share Market

The origin of share markets dates to around 400 years ago. Around the 1600s, there was a Dutch East India Company, like the British East India Company, There was a similar company in the country of Netherlands today, known as the Dutch East India company.

In those times, people used to indulge in a lot of exploration using ships. The entire world map had not yet been discovered. So the companies used to send their ships to discover new lands and trade with faraway places. The journey used to be thousands of kilometers aboard a ship. There was a huge amount of money required for this. Not one person possessed such amounts of money individually in those times.

So, they publicly invited people to invest money in their ships. When these ships would travel long distances to go to other lands and come back with treasures from there. They were promised a share of these treasures/money eventually. But this was a very risky affair. Because during those times, more than half of the ships failed to come back. They got lost, broke down, or got looted. Anything could happen to them.

So investors realized the risky nature of this enterprise. So, instead of investing in a single ship, they preferred to invest in 5-6 of them. So that at least one of them had the chance of coming back. One ship used to approach multiple investors for money. So, this created somewhat of a share market. There were open biddings of the ships on their docks.

Docks are the places where the ships come out from. Gradually, this system became successful because the money crunch faced by the companies was supplemented by the common people. And the common people got a chance to earn more money.

What is Stock Exchange?

The stock exchange is that place, that building where people buy and sell shares of the companies. The market can be divided into two types- The primary market and the secondary market. Primary markets are where the companies sell their shares. The companies decide what exactly would be their share prices Although there are some regulations on this too.

The companies cannot maneuver too much because a lot of it depends upon the demand. How much price are the people willing to pay for the company's shares? If the value of the company is 1 lakh rupees, it sells 1 lakh of its shares and offers shares at 1 re per share. If its demand is high and a lot of people want to buy its shares, the company would obviously be able to sell its shares for a higher price. What the companies do nowadays is decide upon a range. There's a minimum price and a maximum price. They decide to sell their shares within that range.

How Can You Buy Shares?

Now, how can you invest money in the stock markets? During the times of the East India Company, one could go to the docks where the ships departed from and indulge in biddings and buy and sell stocks. Before the dawn of the internet, one had to physically go to the Bombay Stock Exchange building to do this. However, with the internet in place you merely need three things- A bank account, a trading account, and a DEMAT account.

A bank account because you would need your money. A trading account, allows you to trade and invest money in a company. A DEMAT account to store the stocks that you buy in a digital form. Most banks today have started offering a 3 in 1 account with all three accounts encompassed within your bank account. People like us would be called retail investors, that is, common people who want to invest in the stock market.

A retail investor always requires a broker. A broker is someone who brings together the buyer and seller. For us, our brokers could be our banks, a third-party app, or even a platform. When we invest money through brokers in the stock market, a broker retains some money as his commission. This is called "brokerage rate". Banks mostly charge a brokerage rate of around 1%. But 1% is a little high. That's not how much it should be.

If you look properly, you would discover platforms that charge a brokerage rate of around 0.05% or 0.1%. This brokerage rate is a disadvantage for those who want to indulge in a lot of trading of stocks. If a lot of stocks are bought and sold in a day, a lot of money would be siphoned off as a brokerage fee. But if you want to invest for the long term, then a high brokerage rate wouldn't make a lot of difference because you'd pay it only once.

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