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Political Prisoner PDF Download by Paul Manafort

Political Prisoner book pdf download for free or read online, also Political Prisoner pdf was written by Paul Manafort. Political Prisoner PDF Book Detail Book Name:  Political Prisoner Author:  Paul Manafort Publish date:  16 August 2022 Pages:  384 Genre:  Politics Language:  English Filetype: PDF Political Prisoner Book PDF Summary In the battle against Donald Trump, propaganda was the principal weapon used by the government-corporate-media Establishment. Democrat Party leadership has routinely disseminated accusations from anonymous sources, promoted them by a partisan media, and finally debunked them when the facts became apparent. Nevertheless, the truth had already been revealed by the time it became public. There had already been casualties. Paul Manafort was one of the most prominent casualties. Democratic leaders and Establishment allies worked together with foreign operatives in order to fabricate a completely false narrative about Paul’s supposed conspiracies with pro-Russ

How Does Uber Make Money?


How Does Uber Make Money?
Hello, friends! Today, getting taxis from Uber or Ola has become very common for us. Come, let's understand this in today's article. For those who don't know much about Uber, they think that you call a taxi on the Uber app on your smartphone, and the taxi just comes to pick you up. They think that the company Uber must have sent the taxi. But it isn't so.

What is Uber?

Uber doesn't own taxis. Uber is merely a technology company, and a smartphone app, and it works by matching drivers and riders. The people who are willing to use their cars as taxis, and the people who wish to use taxis, riders. This app works by getting them together. Using normal taxis is much easier than this. You go out, and hail a cab, without needing any apps for that. Uber's role is prominent where taxis aren't easily available.

If you don't have taxis around you, then you can call the taxi to your home through the smartphone. With one app. If someone wanted to earn more money by working part-time, they can use their personal car as a taxi. This opportunity wasn't available before Uber. Normally, to become a taxi driver, one had to get many licenses and permissions, depending upon the city and country you were in. Often, the car had to be registered in the commercial register. And one had to get a commercial license plate too.

All the hassles related to it have now ended. And the extra costs involved in these formalities, have now been reduced. And because of this reduced cost, Uber could offer their taxi service at a lower price. Generally, in normal taxis, the fare is calculated by checking the meter, but Uber has its algorithm to tell us what would be the cost of the taxi ride. And this was quite innovative at its time.

How Does Uber Calculate Fares?

Their calculations are somewhat like this. First is their base fare, depending upon the car you're choosing in Uber, there's Uber X, Uber XL, and Uber Black, add to that, cost per minute multiplied by time, and cost per kilometer multiplied by time, and the cost per minute and the cost per kilometer, is different for each location, as decided by Uber because the cost of things differs from one country to another and one city to another, and then the sum of the three is multiplied by the Surge Multiplier.

The cost that you arrive at by adding the three parts, will be multiplied by the Surge Multiplier. After that comes the booking fees and administration fees. This is charged by Uber for itself. To pass on the cost to Uber to the end-user. 

What is Surge Multiplier?

The concept of the surge multiplier and surge pricing is truly groundbreaking. The thing is, when Uber started out, they saw that there are some places that have many available drivers, but at some places, there are many riders, but there was a lack of drivers. They wanted a solution to balance this.

If there are more drivers at one location and more riders at another, the riders wouldn't get a driver, and the drivers wouldn't get riders. They wanted to match the too. They decided to do this with surge pricing. They divided the map into hexagons. And in each hexagon, they would check for areas that have more riders and the area with more drivers.

In the hexagon where there are more riders than drivers, they would apply the surge multiplier to the price. Suppose this multiplier is 3x, then the price of the taxi ride would increase to three times. Thrice the price is quite high for the rider, but it is a motivation for the driver because they see the demand in the area, and think that giving a ride there would earn them thrice the price. That's why the drivers would go to that area, which has more riders. So that the demand could be met. And the riders have the option too.

If the riders want, they can pay a higher price and get Uber instantly. Or they can wait 10 minutes to half an hour, till the time more drivers reach the area, and the surge multiplier is reduced automatically when the numbers of riders and drivers are balanced out. Overall, this is the way the cost of an Uber ride is calculated. Of the final cost, 20%-25% of it is taken by Uber and the rest is paid to the driver.

The Fleet Model of Uber

Uber thought that many people have multiple cars. There are companies that own several cars. Especially car rental companies. In such cases, their cars aren't in use at all times. Just imagine if a person has 3 or 4 cars, most of the time the cars are parked without being used. These people and companies that own multiple idle cars are called Fleet Owners by Uber. Because they have a fleet of cars.

They decided to connect the fleet owners with the drivers. So that the drivers can use their idle cars, to earn for themselves. The fleet owners would basically rent out their cars to the drivers. So that, once again, Uber could become the platform through which the drivers and fleet owners could connect with each other. This is how the Uber Marketplace began.

The fleet owners could rent their cars to the drivers. To the drivers who don't have their own cars. The fleet model could work in two ways. First is where the fleet owners rent out their cars to the drivers. And each week the driver has to pay rent to the fleet owners. And the Uber earnings go to the driver.

The second model is when the fleet owners hire their own drivers. The fleet owners could hire some drivers on a monthly salary, and the earnings from Uber are kept by the fleet owners for themselves. Both these models are very common in India. For Uber India, the largest fleet owner in India is a company called Everest Fleet. They have thousands of cars that they lease out to the Uber drivers.

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