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Political Prisoner PDF Download by Paul Manafort

Political Prisoner book pdf download for free or read online, also Political Prisoner pdf was written by Paul Manafort. Political Prisoner PDF Book Detail Book Name:  Political Prisoner Author:  Paul Manafort Publish date:  16 August 2022 Pages:  384 Genre:  Politics Language:  English Filetype: PDF Political Prisoner Book PDF Summary In the battle against Donald Trump, propaganda was the principal weapon used by the government-corporate-media Establishment. Democrat Party leadership has routinely disseminated accusations from anonymous sources, promoted them by a partisan media, and finally debunked them when the facts became apparent. Nevertheless, the truth had already been revealed by the time it became public. There had already been casualties. Paul Manafort was one of the most prominent casualties. Democratic leaders and Establishment allies worked together with foreign operatives in order to fabricate a completely false narrative about Paul’s supposed conspiracies with pro-Russ

How to identify Fake News in India?

The phenomenon of fake news like WhatsApp, Photoshop, and fake articles. But nowadays The phenomenon of fake news is increasing day by day which turns to death. So it is important to know how to fight against fake news. In this article, I would like to tell you. How to Spot Fake News? How to identify fake news? How do distinguish between fake news and real news? How to identify Fake News? The first source of fake news is WhatsApp forward. For WhatsApp forward, I have some simple advice. If WhatsApp forward has a simple text without any source link then don't believe it because of the chances, it would be fake. Especially if it has Praised anybody or insulted somebody. These are the two purposes for spreading fake news. Praise somebody who is High positive. Or insult somebody who is Highly Negative if it has only text then don't believe it would be fake. If you want to know if the text is fake or not for that you just want to search the keyword on Google. Search the main content

How Does The Internet Work?

  Hello friends, Have you ever thought about who runs the internet? Who controls the internet worldwide? In this article, I'd like to tell you about the internet. Because the internet is an important tool in maintaining freedom and democracy worldwide. Countries like China keep their citizens blocked off completely from certain websites. Some websites like Google, Youtube, and Facebook are permanently blocked there. Because the Chinese government wants to brainwash its citizens in a particular way. Therefore, I think it's essential to understand how the internet works and what it is. This is what I'd like to tell you in this article. How Does The Internet Work? This is a URL/link "youtube" here, is called a domain name, and the".com" is called the top-level domain. If you want to build your own website, then you will have to buy your domain name. There are some websites that sell domain names as their job. For example, You ne

What Is The Real Story of The Titanic Ship?

  Hello, friends in this article we will explain the mystery of the Titanic Ship. What Is The Real Story of the Titanic Ship? What caused the Titanic to sink? Where exactly did the Titanic sink? All these things about the Titanic ship will be explained in this article. The Real Story of The Titanic Ship Greetings, friends! This is the incident of 10th April 1912 RMS Titanic: the world's largest and most luxurious ship. It was traveling from Southampton, England to New York. All kinds of people were aboard- renowned industrialists and actors as well as immigrants, who were on their way to America in search of a better life. It was being commanded by the 62-year-old Senior captain Edward John Smith. There was a lot of excitement regarding this ship among the passengers, the public, and the media. It was not only the world's largest ship around 269 meters in length and more than 53 meters high the luxury on this ship was awe-inspiring! In those times, it cost 7.5 million dollars t

Why Petrol Prices Increasing in India?

  When petrol prices rise, whether it is food, travel, or transportation, the price of everything increases and overall Inflation rises. And when questions are asked to the government so they blame each other So the first thing is whether it is in the hands of the government to increase or decrease the price of petrol. Secondly, crude oil is available in the international market at the same price. Even then, why do petrol prices differ from country to country? Intact India gives petrol to Nepal, even then the price of petrol in India is high And the price of petrol in Nepal is low and why is petrol not included in GST? This is the whole thing, let's discuss it in detail. How Petrol is Made? See, Petrol at petrol pumps It is not given to you directly from the ground. First, the crude oil is searched and carried from the sub-surface to the surface. Crude oil comes out in its raw form Then this crude oil is transported to the refinery. After processing the raw oil in the refinery, pet

How Credit Cards Works? What is Credit Limit and Credit Score?

  Hello, friends! The topic of today's article, Credit Cards! What are credit cards? How do they work? How do credit card companies make money? And most importantly, Should you be using a credit card? What are the pros and cons? What are Credit Cards? You can use credit cards to make the purchase immediately. And pay for it later. So essentially, a credit card is a card that helps you in purchasing things instantly. But you can pay for them later. At the end of the month. Generally, if there's enough money in your bank account, you withdraw cash and use it to make payments. The second option is to use a debit card. It is directly linked to your bank account. When you make a payment through your debit card, then the money is deducted directly from your bank account and transferred to the other party. But in a credit card, the bank makes the payment on your behalf. To whomever, you're trying to pay. And then at the end of the month, you repay all the expenses of that month to

What is Dogecoin? Dogecoin Explained

  Hello, friends! You already know about the rupee coin and Bitcoin But there's a new coin that's globally famous now. It's called Dogecoin. The value of our rupee is based on our currency. And Bitcoin is based on a Blockchain that promises to revolutionize the monetary systems around the world. But this Dogecoin is based on a meme. Literally! This coin was made in jest. What is Dogecoin? Someone took the Doge meme, this meme of the dog was quite famous at some point and made a coin out of it. Because cryptocurrency is so decentralized that any person can develop their own coin. They'd need basic coding knowledge to do that. But the thing is that this Dogecoin became so famous that people like Elon Musk started buying it and promoting it. Why did it happen? After the popularity of Bitcoin, several people brought up its disadvantages. Like, as the long transaction time of Bitcoin. Or that the whole process of Bitcoin consumes a lot of energy. And that's not good for

What is Mutual Funds? Mutual Funds Explained

  Namaskar Friends, today's article is going to be educational and related to your personal finance. In this article, we will educate you regarding mutual funds. What are mutual funds? How to invest in it? Basically, all the necessary information regarding it, is a common man or a beginner investor, all the information you will get in this article.  What is Mutual Funds People who want to take more risk also invest in the stock market which is another way to invest your money. Every Investment has 3 things, Return, risk and time. Return means how much per cent of profit are you earning through the investment, this is normally seen in percentage. If our inflation rate is 4% then you should see that your profit return is more than at least 4 % Otherwise, there is no point in investment if you have put your money and the value didn't increase. Because the inflation rate is also increasing. Risk means how risky it is to invest, what is the chance of losing all your money in that in